SoCo Psychotherapy



Group therapy can be an extremely powerful tool for certain people. Group sessions typically

consist of 8-10 people dealing with similar issues. Group therapy can help people feel less isolated, communicate more effectively, and learn how to see themselves from the perspectives of others.

Tuesday at Noon 

This process group is designed to create a safe space for women to talk about issues surrounding their sexuality. The floor is yours to explore your sexual past and how it impacts you today, accessing hope for a fuller sexual future. This group is available to women regardless of relationship status. 

Tuesday evenings 

The focus of this process group is to help women in their 20s feel more empowered and heal from traumatic relationships. Romantic relationships are not the only ones with focus; our interactions with family, friends, and coworkers also can be a source of stress in life. 

Thursday evenings 

The focus of this process group, for female teenagers, is on body image and/or eating disorders. As a group, we will explore emotions and new ways of thinking and living. Relationships and current stressors will be discussed.  

Saturday mornings 

This process group is designed to help men become more mindful of their emotions. The group will explore habits and patterns of being, which can affect self-image and our ability to have healthy relationships. The goal is to increase self-awareness by learning how to identify emotions and triggers.