Marci Weinstein, LMSW

I want each and every client I work with to feel safe and comfortable sharing their authentic self with me free from judgement. I have a very client-centered approach and my interventions and treatment plans are catered to each individual. I have a very holistic approach to therapy and am committed to helping my clients create a more meaningful and fulfilling life. I want each of my clients to feel like they are taking steps towards contentment and experiencing each day as a blessing, not a curse. 


I help individuals, couples, and families decrease self-defeating behaviors, improve self-esteem, cope with life’s everyday stressors, and communicate more effectively. I have a systems theory approach to therapy and believe that our mental health is tied to our environment and the people we share our lives with. Mindfulness and somatic experiencing is something that I incorporate into sessions for clients that have a hard time regulating their emotions or controlling their impulses.

Although I’m originally from Connecticut, I am excited to now make Austin my home. I have always been drawn to the city’s diverse population and commitment to the environment. In my spare time, I enjoy practicing yoga, hiking, dancing, spending time with loved ones, and visiting the local farmers' markets!  

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