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Adolescent Therapy

Image by Aedrian

Adolescence is one of the most difficult times in the life of even the most well-adjusted person. Studies have recently shown that teenagers of today have more anxiety and depression than any other time in history. They feel more pressure to compete than ever before, yet also feel less connected than previous generations. Social media has significantly altered how adolescents develop self-esteem and encouraging them to identify what makes them feel proud intrinsically is vital to their mental well-being.


Effective therapy for adolescents can help teens validate themselves internally, communicate more effectively, and work through the pressures of everyday life, regardless of whether the pressure is coming from home, school, themselves, or another source. Anxiety and depression can sometimes manifest into behavioral, academic, addictive, or relational difficulties without the adolescent recognizing the source of their problems. Effective therapy can, however, lead to significant, rapid growth for teens as they trust the process and increase their self-awareness. 

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